Are you tired of the old fashioned sofa design and you would like to add something more modern to your living room or office? There are a number of modern designs and you cannot look up every one of them. This guide has carried out most of the research you would need to do and put it together in a list of the best modern sleeper sofa. Following extensive research into what is trending and what people are saying about different sofas on the market, we have captured the best 5. Here you will also find useful information that will hopefully help you learn how to make your own choice based on different factors.

The 5 Best Modern Sleeper Sofa Reviews

Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather

Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper

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This seems like one of the most preferred modern designs. You can place the chaise on either side and there is an ottoman for extra comfort. You can choose to sit upright with your feet on the ground, or you can raise your feet on the chaise or put every section together and recline the backrest a bit to enjoy a lounger. 

To turn it into a sleeper, the backrest can collapse to lie flat and the ottoman will provide the extra length for the legs.

The stainless steel legs add to the modern look of the sofa. There are no armrests and that seems to be something that some people like and others do not, but it is an increasingly popular design. This faux leather sofa is white which means you should clean it often with a damp cloth to maintain its color, but that should not be a hard task.


  • It is easy to transform into a sleeper in just 2 quick movements
  • ​There are a number of positions you can use it, making it great for different needs
  • ​It adds to the beauty of the living room with its faux leather and chrome legs
  • It comes with 2 pillows which can add comfort and save you from having to buy pillows
  • The ottoman can be used as a center table in the living room


  • If you like armrests, you will be disappointed because it has none

DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper

DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper

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This sofa combines the old and the new to create a modern-retro sofa that is firm and comfortable. The gray fabric seems to match with almost any décor in the house and the wooden legs are a nice touch. 

The backrest is tufted foam which gives a nice feeling on the back as you lean on it.It is a nice sofa and sleeper to use once in a while but you would need to add a softer mattress if you intend it for everyday use as a bed.

The sofa backrest reclines to transform into a bed and the armrests can serve as head posts, but I would add a pillow to provide a soft place to lay my head. Care for this sofa is easy, which seems to be the case for most DHP sofas and it is at a good price.


  • It is one of the easiest couches to turn into a sleeper by simply collapsing the backrest.
  • ​It has a modern and stylish design that adds to the interior décor of a room
  • ​Care for this sofa is simple since it is easy to clean and the material is durable
  • It is made from breathable fabric so you do not feel very hot as you sleep on it.


  • It is a bit too firm, you cannot use it comfortably as an everyday bed

DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon

DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon

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You can really save money by buying this stylish futon from DHP. It goes for less than 200 dollars and if that is not enough to attract you, then the modern design may.

It has chrome legs that do not only add to its beauty but also provide a stable stand for the sofa. The bottom of the legs is padded so that they do not scratch the floor or carpet.

The backrests can be collapsed independently so if you are 2 people sharing the couch and one would rather recline and the other sit up straight, it is possible. I would also just put one down to have a unique style. Personally, I find this best suited for the office or small apartments.


  • The price is a major attraction for many people since it still maintains quality
  • It is easy to assemble and transform from sofa to sleeper
  • It has a modern design that adds to the look of the room, be it at home or the office
  • The legs do not damage hard floors since they are padded


  • Tall people may not be comfortable sleeping on this since it is short. You may need to add a chaise.

DHP Paxson Linen Futon

DHP Paxson Linen Futon

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This is like a cross between the DHP Emily convertible and the Sienna. It has the backrests that can recline individually and the general appearance is like the Sienna only it is more affordable. 

It also has a unique diagonal stitching giving it a strikingly attractive appearance. The tampered wooden legs are a nice touch of the vintage sofas attached to the modern.

I would recommend this for someone who prefers intermediate comfort and with regular use, it becomes softer. For a kids bedroom, this would make a nice bed and you could add a mattress if you want your overnight guest to have a comfortable night on this futon.


  • It combines the old and the new to create a unique addition to a living room décor
  • The diagonal stitches look good and stylish
  • The material that covers it is strong and durable as well as easy to clean
  • The wooden legs provide stability
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble which makes transporting it easy


  • For an adult, it may seem to firm to sleep on.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern

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This sofa stands out because of its striking color. If you are looking to make a bold statement in your living room, this may be a great choice. It has 2 square pillows made from the same fabric for the entire sofa and can provide a nice headrest as you place your head on the armrests. 

The backrest cushions are tufted with button design and the cushions overlap the frame of the backrest.

There is an extra leg in the middle to provide more support.The 4 legs on the side are detachable. It fits well in small spaces and is easy to move around say from living room to guest room or while you are cleaning up. Generally, I would go for this more for its look than anything else.


  • It looks good and adds a mix of the old school and modern design to the home
  • It is covered in linen fabric which feels nice and cozy
  • The legs can be removed easily so you can transport it easy as well
  • It is comfortable to sit on


  • The cushions overlap the frame of the backrest so you cannot lean back comfortably if you are tall.

The Modern Bed Sofa with faux leather will give you a wide variety of choices on how to use it since it has different sections and can recline or lay flat as well as sit-up straight. It looks good in the living room and has a truly modern appeal about it. If you like the retro look, the DHP Sienna gives you a bit of both the new and the old but if you think it is too expensive, then you may prefer the DHP Paxson. For a futon without armrest, the DHP Emily may appeal to you as it encompasses the DHP look with modern sofa design. The Mid Century Modern is a sofa I would recommend to people who love to be stylish and are into interior design, this sofa gives you a lot to work with.

How to care for your sleeper sofa

Care for your sofa is important because it will determine how long it lasts and how comfortable your guest or even you yourself will feel when you are seated or sleeping on it.

Regular cleaning

It is important that you clean the sofa regularly. Dust and dirt tend to settle often on the sofas so vacuuming if possible once a week may be a good idea. If your cushions covers can be machine washed, then it is a good idea to do so at least once a month.


if you are moving the sofa, make sure you lift them as opposed to pushing or pulling. Wooden legs especially have a tendency to wear out if they are being pushed often and at times they can break off. Children may think it may be fun to sit on a sofa as you push it around, but that can cause the legs to break due to the extra weight.

Follow instructions

most sofas will come with a few instructions for example how to assemble the chair or how to care for it. Follow these instructions.

Things to consider before you buy a sofa


Like with any furniture, it is important that the sofa is able to fit in the space in your home, but at the same time, with sectional sofas, you need to consider whether you should get a right facing or left facing sofa, this is because sometimes the arrangement of your living room may determine which is best. There are options though which can be arranged in either way but make sure you know how to assemble it either left or right.


Some sofas simply look nice but when you actually sit or lie on them, you realize that you are better off on the floor. Depending on your preference, make sure the right amount of comfort is provided by the sofa you want to buy. In most cases, memory foam padding makes a comfortable sofa while the combination of memory foam and springs can make a good bed. With sectional sofas, the frames tend to affect the comfort, you should consider buying a foam cover to prevent you from feeling the frame as you sleep.

Extra storage

If you are trying to save space, then you can do more saving if you get a sectional sleeper sofa that has storage space. The chaise of some of these chairs have storage space and you can use this for storing guest beddings or if you have children, you can even keep their toys in there. What you use the space for anyway, is up to you.


This would apply to just about any item you purchase, it is a good idea to buy something that will last long. For furniture, this means it will not break under the weight of the entire family seated on it and it will be able to serve you for years before you need to buy another one or make repairs. Hardwood and steel are some of the materials that can make strong furniture but also the fabric for the cushions maters. Leather may be expensive but it lasts long. Polyester is a common fabric used and it is also strong. You can also use the warranty as a measure of how long the sofa will serve you. What pieces will come with the purchase: do not take it for granted that all the pieces you see in an illustration will actually be part of the purchase. Some sectional sofas come without an ottoman and you will need to purchase that separately if you need it. Inquire from the manufacturer or the trader what pieces will come.


As you will see from the list below, it is possible to find different prices for this kind of furniture. It is important that you find something that you can comfortably spend on and that you feel is worth the expense. There is no reason to break the bank to be able to afford a sofa, you just need to do your research and you should be able to find one that fits into a realistic budget.


You also may need to consider the brand that you are buying. This does not mean that unknown brands are not good, but in most cases, brands that have already made a name for themselves can be trusted. There are some well-known brands in this list and there are newcomers as well but it is a good idea to do serious research on new brands before you go ahead to purchase a sofa made by them.

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