5 Best Sleeper Sofa Under $500 Reviews and Buyers Guide

Have you been searching for a good sleeper sofa but worried about the price? Many people imagine they will have to pay a huge sum to end up with something good. Well I have done extensive research and found a number of affordable sofas. In this guide, you will be able to find the best sleeper sofa under $500. Some of these sofas in the list are just as stylish as the more expensive choices.

Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather

Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper

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This sectional sleeper sofa looks elegant with its white faux leather and chrome plated legs. It can be arranged in different ways since It has a chaise and ottoman. You can choose to put them all together to have a lounger or use the ottoman as a coffee table or sitting bench, or you could arrange them with the backrest down and have a sleeper. 

I like the fact that you get style and functionality at a price just above 300 dollars.

When it comes to comfort, the angle of the backrest can be adjusted from upright to laid back and that is nice when you want to relax say as you watch TV. The sofa does not allow you to sink deep into it but it is still reasonably comfortable. For a person with a bad back, it is firm enough. Overall I find it to give value for money.


  • you have a number of choices to organize it according to your need
  • It has chrome legs and faux leather finishing which add class and elegance to the room
  • For a small house, it will provide sufficient sitting space as the only sofa
  • It is well padded which provides the right amount of comfort and support for your body
  • It is easy to assemble since there are not many parts that come in the box


  • There are no armrests for the sofa

DHP 4030439 Jordyn Upholstered Daybed

DHP 4030439 Jordyn Upholstered Daybed

Editor Rating:

If I was to choose just one thing I like the most about this sofa, it would be its design. I would recommend it for a person who is looking to add to the décor of their home or office. This is not to say, that it performs poorly in other aspects, but it is appealing to the eye.

It also comes with a number of pillows which can be used to add comfort or just to decorate the couch.

When it comes to comfort, I would give it 7 out of 10. It is reasonable soft and the backrest is angled in a way that you can lean back just in between lounging and sitting up straight which I think is a good compromise. You will need to buy the mattress separately, but that also gives you a chance to decide the degree of comfort you will have when sleeping on this Daybed.


  • Genuine leather fabric
  • Size will fit into most rooms
  • Versatile color palette


  • Tall people may be uncomfortable on this couch
  • The storage area could stand to be a bit larger

Pearington Pillow Top Bella Futon Sofa Sleeper Lounger

Pearington Pillow Top Bella Futon Sofa

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This futon takes up less space in comparison to most sleeper sofas, it would be ideal for a studio apartment, office or college dome. I wouldn’t be surprised though if it became a favorite chair in the family home, thanks to the ability to lounge on it. 

It has soft padding which can very easily make you too lazy to get up once you are in your sweet spot.

The sofa has a nice modern design with an arched stand made from chrome plated steel. Transforming it to a lounger or sleeper is quick and easy and it is not too heavy so one person is able to do it. Tall people though may need to add an ottoman if they would like to sleep on it without their feet overlapping the sleeper.


  • With the pillow top design, you can feel comfortable even if you lie in the same position the whole night
  • The transformation from chair to lounger or bed is quick and easy
  • The stainless steel accentuation for the front and back legs add class and beauty to the sofa
  • It can be used as a sofa, lounger or sleeper which makes it a great investment for an amazingly affordable price


  • If you are tall, or 5.9 and over, your feet will be overlapping the sleeper when you lie straight.

Divano Roma Furniture Collection

Divano Roma Furniture Collection

Editor Rating:

If you have problems with allergies, this is a sofa that may be good for you. The fabric used is hypoallergenic. The tufted lined fabric is also comfortable and feels nice when you touch it. This modern sofa has split backrests so you can have one side down and another up for a unique style or if you are 2 people seated on the sofa and one would rather lie down and not sit up straight.

This is also the cheapest of the sleeper sofas on this list but it is well designed and easy to care for. The steel legs provide a stable support but also add to the modern beauty. In an office, I think it presents a professional look yet it also provides relaxed comfort for those work days where you need to sit back and think or just take a break from the stress.


  • It is made from hypoallergenic fabric which will reduce the chances of sneezing and flu caused by allergy to dust or microbes
  • It is soft and comfortable
  • The backrests are split, they can be adjusted independently to achieve unique style
  • Switching from sofa to bed is quick and easy
  • It comes with 2 throw pillows for added comfort as well as to provide a neat look


  • It is a bit low which makes getting up a bit of a challenge

Home Life Linen Cloth Modern Contemporary

Home Life Linen Cloth Modern Contemporary

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This sectional sofa would be good in a game room or a children’s bedroom. It is firm and easy to fit in small spaces. It comes with reasonably soft cushions on the backrest which is good because the frame of the backrest is low but the cushions provide enough padding so that you do not feel the frame as you lean on it for long

Sectional sofas are a trendy look for your home and they provide sitting room for up to 4 people and if you have ottomans, you can have more people sit on them like a soft bench. This works well if you are having a number of guests over. As a bed, I would recommend it for naps or just for overnight sleep but not everyday use. Short people would be more comfortable on this.


  • It is easy to assemble as well as disassemble so when moving it is easier to carry
  • It does not take up a lot of space but still provides enough sitting and sleeping room
  • The chaise can be set up on either the left or right so it easily adapts to different space in rooms
  • The covers can be removed and machine washed to keep them fresh and clean


  • It does not come with an ottoman, so you have to buy one separately

As you make your choice from these 5 best sleeper sofa under $ 500, here are a few things to remember. The Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper scores highly in terms of fashionableness, functionality, and price, it gives you a number of options to arrange it depending on your need. The DHP 4030439 is more of a looker than anything else, it will make your living room or office look stylish and it is less than 300 dollars. The Pearington Pillow is comfortable and stylish and could easily become the favorite chair in your living room. For people with allergies, the Divano Roma is made from hypoallergenic fabric and it has split backrests for unique arrangement, it is also quite comfortable and is the cheapest on this list. If you are looking for a sofa for a kids bedroom or game room, the Home Life Linen Cloth sofa may be your preferred choice.

Why you should get a sleeper sofa

To save space: Most modern apartments do not have as much space as we would like, sleeper sofas are able to do 2 things and yet take up the space of one. You do not need to have a bed and a sofa, you can just have one of them if you are trying to save space and in the night you can transform the sofa into a bed. College domes, studio apartments, and any crowded living areas can benefit greatly from this furniture.

Let your guests sleep comfortably

A sleeper sofa is much better than offering a sleeping bag or having to share a bed with your guest. Sofa beds are comfortable and your guest will be able to enjoy the night or nights they spend at your home. If you get a good one, there should be no risk of back problems from sleeping on the sofa.

Maintain beauty

Your living room does not have to look like a bedroom just because you have a guest spending the night or because the wife kicked you out of the bedroom. The sofa looks good at day time as a chair and at night it is back to a bed.

Relaxation is important

After a long day, you may want to relax by lying down comfortably while watching TV for talking and a sleeper sofa helps you do that. You do not need to go all the way to your room. Some of the options you will see on this list, are quick and easy to transform into beds or loungers that you can rest on or relax.


Many of the sleeper sofas made these days are quite stylish. If you would like to have a fashionable living room, it is a good idea to purchase these modern designs that add class to your home or office.

Extra storage

You will also see some of the options on this list that provide storage space. This means you are getting a sofa, a bed and a cabinet all in one. When trying to use small spaces efficiently, extra storage space is always welcome.

How to choose a Comfortable sleeper sofa

Check the padding

Comfort is going to depend greatly on how soft the sofa or sleeper is. While you do not want it to be so soft that you sink inside, it should also not be like sleeping on rocks. In most cases, memory foam is a good padding for a sleeper and sofa. It starts off really firm but as you continue using it, it gets a lot softer and more adapted to the human shape.


Part of comfort is being able to fit on the sleeper. It can be very uncomfortable if your legs are overlapping the mattress. Consider the average height of most of the people you know and buy something that will suit most of them if not all.


It would be embarrassing and painful if a guest or you yourself ended up falling to the floor as you sit or lie on the sofa. It is important therefore to have a firm and sturdy sofa. The frame needs to be made from strong material like hardwood or steel. It is also important to note whether its maximum weight can carry someone of your weight or the people who may be using this sleeper sofa.

Consider the available space

it is important that you have the space to accommodate the sofa when it is transformed into a bed. Sometimes you may have a coffee table that may need to be moved to create space for the bed to unfold, that may be fine but if you need to break down a wall because there is just not enough space, then you probably need to go for a smaller option.


Some sofas do not have armrests, some have them but they are completely wooden and the sizes differ. This is a personal choice, you can decide to have one without arm rest or one that has well-padded armrests. Consider your comfort and that of your guests when you make that choice. It is also good to take into consideration that thick armrests will result in more space taken up by the sofa so ensure you have the space for that.

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